Company Vision

The business environment ahead demands a new core executive competency for the companies and individuals who plan to be competitive winners—constant innovation.


Media Leader LLC believes that the digital environment demands of business leaders the ability to drive constant innovation as a core capability for next generation winners;

Media Leader LLC recognizes many seasoned executives feel their prior experience and training leave them ill prepared for delivering on these expectations, and equally, that younger generation executives are struggling to find the relevant insights and skills to the same end;

Media Leader LLC is committed to providing the insight and ongoing support to the senior leadership of companies that are committed to winning in the digital age through constant innovation as unique platform for competitive strategy.

Media Leader LLC is an integrated platform of four experience based services for senior leadership, and their teams, to get current and remain current through inspiration, information, illustrations and education that will best enable them to navigate the digital business future

Media Leader LLC’s goal is clear – to secure the health and wealth of your company through the leadership as a team, and your own career. Media Leader LLC is a membership organization with selectable tiers of involvement and access to resources:

  • Exclusive Conferences and regular small dinner gatherings are used to inspire vision, goals and confidence, and strengthen networks while imparting essential information and tools
  • Education of practical tools, skills and frameworks for the required strategic, organizational and leadership competencies demanded in leading constant innovation. Conferences, On-line and In-Person, Leadership Team development,
  • Hands-on Exposure to what is working and how that is being achieved – constant illustrative stories shared through on-site visits, leadership presentations at Conferences or Dinners, and on-line video and associated learning tools
  • Essential, Personalized and Timely Information through the exclusive deployment of technology developed for the very highest levels of US national security post 9/11

Media Leader LLC is led by Dr. Adam Klein with an exceptional team. The head office is based in New York, and its reach is global.